M.R.M. Parrott

Charleston SC


Mark Ray Martin Parrott is an American philosopher, writer, musician, photographer, designer, and programmer, known for his early adoption of independent, small press Publishing, and as developer of GetWiki, a wiki/blog website focusing on Philosophy and other subjects. M.R.M. Parrott's books include the "Timeless" Trilogy of novels, "Driving Home" Travelogue, the "Dynamism" Series of Philosophy and Science treatises, and a number of chapbooks of poems and short stories. Also a Philosophy professor, M.R.M. Parrott's books include detailed work on Kant and Gilles Deleuze, refutations of Objectivism, String Theory, Dark Energy, Intelligent Design and other popular ideas. (From: GetWiki)


Began with the Arts and Music in school; started writing in earnest at 16; graduated high school in Pensacola FL at 17; entered college self-supported in Mobile AL at 19; began with Philosophy, Theatre, Design and Photography at 19; moved to Columbia SC at 20; worked in touring Theatre at 21; finished first book at 23; graduated a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at 23; entered graduate school self-supported at 24; worked as photographer at 26; fled to New York at 27, Ecuador at 28; graduated a Master of Arts in Philosophy at 29; worked as Philosophy professor at 30; founded rimric corporation, rimric press, and rimric design at 31; published first novel at 31; published first online Philosophy-Science book at 31; had first book signing at 32; developed first large software application at 32; worked as designer-developer at 33; toured Europe at 33; finished nine books at 34; conceived of grand philosophical series on dynamic systems at 34; published seven prior unpublished works at 36; published second novel, first in Timeless Trilogy, at 37; published first volume in Dynamism series at 38; worked as communications director in Charlotte NC at 38; drove a 40,000-mile tour of North America at 40; lived in Chicago IL at 40; developed social networking applications at 41; published first travelogue and photo-essay at 41; published second Timeless novel at 41; again worked as Philosophy professor at 41; completed full-length play, 15th book, at 43; became State Democratic Delegate at 43; published powerful second volume in Dynamism series at 44; again worked as a designer-developer at 45; released first Alt-Funk album with seventeenth book at 45; developed web marketing control panel and catalogue applications at 46; finished eighteen books and published third Timeless novel, completing trilogy, at 47; worked as Communications and IT Director in Columbia at 47; lived in Charleston SC and worked as a DOD Software Engineer/Developer at 48; upgraded to a DOD Senior Software Engineer SME 5 and Development Team Lead at 49; bought house in Charleston and promoted within at 50; celebrated 20 years of rimric press at 51; upgraded to a DOD Lead Development/DevOps Engineer at 52; refitted racing sailboat for fun in the harbour/ocean at 53; renovated to a chef's kitchen as part of overall DIY home renovations at 54; upgraded to DevSecOps Lead for a federal projects working group at 55...

Such a string of dry milestones can only capture a fraction of the realities I've experienced, the beauties I've perceived, the intense moments I've felt, the disturbing setbacks I've suffered, the edifying triumphs I've accomplished, the wonderful people in my life, the fun I've had, the incredible places I've visited, the guiding mentors I've studied, the rewarding students I've taught, the indescribable passions I've learned. As I find new layers of life, I cannot help but be grateful for all I've been able to do and experience, and how much of it I've been careful to capture in my creative work. I love sharing my books, music and photos with you, among them "Driving Home" and "Fury Road" music, "Timeless II", "Ctrl-V", and "Dynamism II", all recent triumphs with more on the way! I suppose, if there is anything about me you should know which would otherwise be opaque from a website, it's that I literally live my work.

out and about, fall 2014