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rimric design releases software

rimric design releases software
RIMRIC / COLUMBIA, SC (5 April, 1998)

rimric design has released its new flagship product, rimric interactive SOHO edition 1.0, codenamed “Thales”, which allows business customers interactive access to unified databases via an internet browser.

The software is written in the PHP programming language and utilizes a MySQL database backend. This technological combination won “Database of the Year” at Web98, numerous Linux user awards, and is a preferred choice for applications which have to be run across disparate platforms. Even NASA has recently moved large, critical databases from Oracle to MySQL.

“We’re coming to the point when the operating system is no longer a concern, and at the same time, the cost of maintaining an expensive license from traditional vendors can no longer be justified,” says a spokesman for the company. “In the past, we had to choose a platform on which to have a proprietary application built, but now, using open, web-enabled technologies like PHP, the platform is immaterial, because PHP and MySQL run on any operating system, and the financial barrier to entry can be removed entirely.”

The application, priced far below any entry point of traditional “sliding scale” license pricing schemes, lists for $1599.00 for any sized organization, $1299.00 for qualified non-profit and government organizations. This is to allow smaller companies to avoid shelling out for high-dollar applications, and allows bigger companies to cut costs dramatically.

It is a one-stop intranet business database which manages contacts, customers, employees, suppliers, invoices, PO’s, documents and other data sets in a single interface. The program is ready to use and is well-designed. rimric hopes to undercut the overpriced Oracle/SAP market for larger businesses and provide enterprise-class data management for smaller businesses who could not otherwise afford SOHO’s costly cousins. rimric plans to offer the SOHO edition at the retail level in the near future.

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