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‘Timeless’ continues with post-Global Warming Techno-Thriller

‘Timeless’ continues with post-Global Warming Techno-Thriller
RIMRIC / CHICAGO, IL (8 August, 2008)

M.R.M. Parrott’s “Timeless” thriller trilogy, opened with “Book I” (2003), continues with “Book II”, released on the plot-linked, auspicious date of “080808” at “The books are multi-layered,” says Parrott. “They’re woven from ‘timeless’ plot elements, thriller and science fiction genre as backdrop, with personal choice, family complication and political intrigue as dilemma, to the classic love interest at the heart of the story.”

“Book II” is complicated by a family need and profound scientific challenge for Russian-American scientific operative, Doctor Olen Nadimov. He had helped discover a mysterious temporal distortion field in space, and now works furiously to block it with a quantum-mechanical shield. Nadimov is about to launch the mission, but his family’s past and his ties to Milona Devon force him to make a difficult choice.

“Timeless” introduces a future when the United Nations is also the global senate, treasury and military, and alien ships have been detected far in space. More immediate trouble arises when a mysterious temporal distortion field is headed for Earth. Two options are pursued, time-travel to the past to execute the supposed originator of the time machine, and development of a force-shield to block the approaching threat from space. This leads to competition between operative and scientific teams, philosophical and ethical dilemma, temporal paradox, and conflicts between past and future circumstances. More details and downloads are available at

M.R.M. Parrott’s books include the novella, “To Lie Within the Moment”, travelogue “Driving Home”, Philosophy and Science series “Dynamism”, monographs in Philosophy, and chapbooks of poems and short stories.
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