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M.R.M. Parrott’s Chapbooks show a “Poet at Forty”

M.R.M. Parrott’s Chapbooks show a “Poet at Forty”
RIMRIC / COLUMBIA, SC (15 September, 2008)

M.R.M. Parrott’s fourth chapbook of poems and short fiction, “Exfoliate” (2001-05), has been released on Previous “Opening Lyric” (1984-88), “Another Generation Cometh” (1991-94), “Bartered Tide” (1995-2000), and Parrott’s other books, have been released and re-released as part of a collection of downloads. “The chapbooks,” Parrott says, “are short, free explorations of style, my praise for the rewarding aspects of life, true works involving interesting people I’ve known, even critical views of the world around me. To express my ideas, I’ve used difficult densities and complex rhythms as well as simple observational reportage, and many styles in between.”

If, as the Delacroix saying indicates, a poet at twenty is twenty, while a poet at forty is a poet, M.R.M. Parrott has “become a poet over time”. “The earliest poems are quite lyrical and simple,” he says, “but as you read through the chapbooks, the poetry becomes more and more abstract and syncopated, while the subject matter becomes more critical and reflective, even darker, and more rewarding. It’s interesting to read the progressions, from the ‘lyric and verse’ of my teens, to the ‘fragmentation’ in my late thirties, the critical from ‘Stop Motion’ to ‘Tar Baby’, the lyrical from ‘Dream Frames’ to ‘The Fountains’.” Parrott also says his 1998 novella, “To Lie Within the Moment”, is a long prose poem, and developed out of several short stories included in the chapbooks.

M.R.M. Parrott’s books include the novel trilogy “Timeless”, novella, “To Lie Within the Moment”, travelogue “Driving Home”, Philosophy and Science series “Dynamism”, monographs in Philosophy, and chapbooks of poems and short stories.
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