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M.R.M. Parrott releases first Stage Play: ‘Ctrl-V’

M.R.M. Parrott releases first Stage Play: ‘Ctrl-V’
RIMRIC / COLUMBIA, SC (28 May, 2010)

M.R.M. Parrott has released his fifteenth book and first full-length, four-act stage play, “Ctrl-V” (Control Vee), available for download on “The play arose from my lifetime of wonder and excitement going to the Theatre and Cinema, including my years acting, directing and touring,” says M.R.M. Parrott. “The initial idea for the story came in 2001, and the title is a reference to control, but also the computer keyboard stroke combination for pasting, or ‘ctrl-v’.”

The lead role in “Ctrl-V”, Victor, is a writer and artist to be married. Issues with his male gender role, concerns with creative control and commercial success, evidence that his writings are being plagiarized, and the pressures from everyone around him make for a classical dramatic build up. The four-act play includes four roles for women, three for men, runs approximately two hours with intermission, and is a blend of comic and tragic elements, as well as realistic and pantomime theatrical devices. Parrott has released the play with a standard royalty and production sample agreement through rimric press, choosing to remain independent, as with his other books and creative projects.

M.R.M. Parrott’s books include the novel trilogy “Timeless”, the novella, “To Lie Within the Moment”, a travelogue “Driving Home”, Philosophy and Science series “Dynamism”, monographs in Philosophy, and chapbooks of poems and short stories.
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