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M.R.M. Parrott notes 20 Years of “GetWiki” Innovation

M.R.M. Parrott notes 20 Years of “GetWiki” Innovation
RIMRIC / CHARLESTON SC (12 June, 2024)

With the launch of GetWiki 3.0, M.R.M. Parrott notes 20 years since founding the wiki page publishing platform, originally as a “fork” of the Wikipedia software, MediaWiki. Parrott later replaced the entire codebase of GetWiki 1.x with a custom build from scratch for the 2.0 version. Parrott’s reason for this work was simple, he says. “For, my editorial direction has been to host a relatively small collection of articles in Philosophy, Science and the Humanities, which are either corrected and reworked from imported sources, or new and original articles.”

GetWiki gained recognition in 2004 when the 1.0 release introduced XML-based importing to match already XML-exported pages from Wikipedia and other wiki websites. GetWiki thus allowed imported content to be forked, whether corrected or otherwise edited. 1.0 was released under a dual license, featuring the Creative Commons License, but later removed from public availability. The 2.0 version introduced social networking and discussion forum features into the wiki, with a new graphic design setting it apart from any wiki at the time. The 3.0 version simplifies and consolidates GetWiki into a multi-site publishing platform, combining wiki-based content with regular website features.

“The use of wikis has changed over the years,” Parrott says. “With the exception of the big web ‘encyclopedia’ forced on us by Google, wikis have gone private, into corporate settings or small closely-held sites like The ability to freely edit or reorganize content through the browser and provide it to an audience is incredibly powerful, but must be balanced against allowing mob rule, security vulnerabilities, or false content. GetWiki is a simplified software solution enabling the former, while preventing the latter.”

M.R.M. Parrott’s design and programming includes the software running,, and, and along with numerous dynamic websites and print media for commercial clients, he leads full-stack development, automation, and software pipeline delivery solutions for federal clients. His books include the novel trilogy “Timeless”, a novella, “To Lie Within the Moment”, travelogue “Driving Home”, Philosophy and Science series “Dynamism”, monographs in Philosophy, and chapbooks of poems and short stories. Visit or for more information.
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